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We are hot water bottle enthusiasts

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Hot Water Bottle Enthusiast

It all started with my beloved girlfriend who gives more hugs to her hot water bottle than she does to me. 

I decided to get to know hot water bottles more.

It turns out, hot water bottles have many benefits and are hugged by hundreds of thousands of people, not only my girlfriend.

Enjoy reading my latest tips and research on hot water bottles!

Ville de Salzbourg, Autriche
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Hot Water Bottle Expert

I am the girlfriend. But I usually respond to "Katie". Ever since, hot water bottles have kept me warm, happy, and cosy. 

As a child, hot water bottles helped cure my colds. 
During high school, they soothed all kinds of pains and aches.

And now, they're getting me through the energy crisis. 

Enjoy reading hot water bottle insights of a (young) lifetime.

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