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Should You Squeeze The Air Out of A Hot Water Bottle?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

You should always push the air out of your hot water bottle before screwing the stopper on. By doing this, you prevent air from staying trapped inside the hot water bottle and too much pressure from building up. Too much pressure inside your hot water bottle can lead to bursts.

3 steps to safely squeeze the air out of your hot water bottle

1. Perform a test with cold water

If you’re an inexperienced hot water bottle user/filler/air pusher and not comfortable trying this out with hot water, do not worry. Perform the steps below using cold water to get the hang of it.

This is how we did it too when we started using hot water bottles. We’ve become pros in the meantime! Using cold water is also a great way to teach younger children how to safely fill and use a hot water bottle.

2. Fill the hot water bottle up to two-thirds

The first important step to squeezing the air out of your hot water bottle is filling it up to two-thirds of maximum capacity.

If you fill your hot water bottle too much and screw the stopper on, too much pressure will build up on the inside, which could lead to bursts if you accidentally sit on your hot water bottle for example. Read our full article on why you should fill your hot water bottle up to two-thirds only.

3. Tip the hot water bottle to the side

After you safely filled the hot water bottle, slowly tip it to the side, flank facing down, by holding it (don’t let go!) by the neck. By holding the hot water bottle by the neck, you keep complete control over it and can keep an eye on the water level.

Bend the neck to check the hot water bottle is not too full. If water is about to overflow as you bend the neck, your hot water bottle is too full. If it is indeed too full, slowly pour some out and tip the bottle to its side again, until the water level is safe.

4. Push the air out with your fingers and screw the stopper on

Once the neck is bent, gently pass your fingers over the top part of the bottle to push the air out. Progressively bend the neck as you push the air out to prevent air from coming in again. Be careful not to push water up at the same time.

Once the air is out and the neck is bent, screw the stopper (hot water bottle cap) on tightly. Slowly turn the hot water bottle upside down above your sink to check there are no leaks coming from the mouth.

What it should look like

What it should not look like

Final thoughts

We just presented 3 simple steps to safely push air out of your hot water bottle. Remember to always take it slow, rushing while filling a hot water bottle is not recommended.

Pushing the air out of your hot water bottle is a must-do, it makes your hot water bottle experience safer, warmer, and cosier.


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