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Should I Sleep With A Hot Water Bottle? (2022)

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Hot water bottle in bed graphic

You should avoid sleeping with a hot water bottle as it might burst or leak if you lay on top of it. This, in turn, may lead to serious burn injuries. On the other hand, using a hot water bottle before going to sleep is perfectly fine.

In addition to warming your bed, it may help you relax or alleviate aches and pains, helping you sleep better. Remember to take the hot bottle out of your bed before turning the lights out.

Why you shouldn’t sleep with a hot water bottle

While it’s perfectly fine to use a hot water bottle to warm up before going to sleep, we don’t recommend sleeping with it, especially if you’re unsure of its quality and age. Indeed, a bottle bursting or leaking near you while you’re sleeping could result in serious burn injuries.

For those who are disappointed by this news and are used to sleeping with a hot water bottle: its benefits can still be experienced before you go to sleep. We simply advise you to kiss your hot water bottle goodnight and put it on your nightstand once you’ve completed your hugging session.

Read our article about the further benefits of hot water bottles.

Two hot water bottles on bed

How you can use a hot water bottle before sleeping

You might be fond of watching a movie, reading a book, or meditating before going to sleep. Whichever your routine is, a hot water bottle can be a nice companion in cold times.

If you’re in a standing up straight position, you can place it on your chest, on your belly, or between your thighs to get warm.

Ensure the hot water bottle is not in direct contact with your skin for more than 15 minutes to prevent burns, especially if you’re not using a cover. If you don’t have a cover, consider investing in one, it will keep your hot water bottle warm for longer! Make sure you don't sit or lay on your hot water bottle as it might burst if in bad condition.

Stay with us and read 4 benefits of using a hot water bottle before going to sleep below!

Benefits of using a hot water bottle before going to sleep

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1. Helps you relax

Being in contact with a hot water bottle before sleeping will stimulate your blood flow and improve circulation throughout your body. This will in turn help you relax and even contribute to decreasing stress and anxiety levels for some individuals.

Applying a hot water bottle on certain body parts can also offer relief to some of your muscles if you’re back from a solid evening sport session for example. A great way to fall asleep and earn a well-deserved rest.

2. Helps alleviate stomach aches

Going to bed with indigestion is no fun at all. Applying a hot water bottle to your stomach may help alleviate the pain and help you relax your stomach cramps before you go to sleep (NHS, 2022).

In addition to improving digestion, using a hot water bottle on your stomach may also help if you’re constipated. If you’re still experiencing strong and/or increased stomach pain after 8 hours, consult your doctor.

Hot water bottle heating bed

3. Warm your bed sheets

Hot water bottles can be very practical when it comes to warming your bed sheets in the winter. Perform your usual safe hot water bottle-filling routine (don't use boiling water or hot tap water, only use hot water from your kettle after letting it cool down), make sure the stopper is screwed on well and place your hot water bottle under your sheets.

A great way to get cosy in bed and keep your body warm before going to sleep.

4. Cooling your bed sheets

While this is not the primary function of a hot water bottle, it’s a great way to keep cool during hot summers: turn it into a cold-water bottle.

Important notice: it is unsafe to use the same hot water bottle for warming and cooling purposes, as the material is not designed to adapt to both extreme temperatures and may get damaged. Use one hot water bottle for hot water, and purchase another for cold/freezing water.

To cool your bed sheets in the summer, you can either fill your hot water bottle with cold water from the tap and add ice cubes or fill it with water and place it in the freezer. Only fill it up to two-thirds and make sure the stopper is well screwed on.

We don’t recommend sleeping with a frozen hot water bottle either as prolonged contact with it may also burn your skin or make you ill.

Cold hot water bottle


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