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How to Heat A Cherry Pillow: 6 Steps (2023)

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If you’re used to using hot water bottles or electric blankets as means of keeping warm in the winter, you’re not necessarily familiar with how to use a cherry pillow.

In this article, we provide a simple step-by-step guide on how to heat a cherry pillow in a safe and effective way.

Although not our preferred option, it's also good to know some cherry pillows can be heated in the oven. Make sure to double-check the instructions before you do!

6 steps to heating a cherry pillow in a microwave


Moisten your cherry pillow and place it into a microwavable recipient. Heat it in the microwave for 2,5 minutes maximum. Remove the cherry pillow from the microwave and gently move the cherry pits around to distribute the heat across the pillow. Check the cherry pillow is not too hot before use, especially if you're giving it to children or people with sensitive skin. Once you're done doing that, sit back and enjoy!

cherry pillow in bowl

1. Moisten the cherry pillow

Cherry pillows are made of fabric. To prevent the fabric from getting too dry and potentially burning (unlikely), moisten your cherry pillow before placing it in the microwave.

In addition, moistening the cherry pillow will help the cherry pits absorb and keep the heat in longer. You can do this using a spray bottle or wiping the cherry pillow with wet hands you ran under the tap (not too long, save water!)

2. Place the cherry pillow in a bowl

Again, cherry pit pillows are made of fabric. This means that, unlike hot water bottles, they can easily get stained.

As microwaves may have traces of food and grease, we recommend you check it’s clean before placing your cherry pillow inside.

To be on the safe side and avoid any risks of stains, place your cherry pillow in a microwave-safe recipient, like a bowl or a baking plate.

3. Adjust the power of your microwave and turn it on

Cherry pillows can take between 1 and 2,5 minutes to get hot depending on the power level you set your microwave to (in Watts). The table below indicates how long your cherry pillow will take to heat according to the power level.

Microwave power level

Maximum heating time


2,5 minutes


2 minutes


1,5 minutes


1 minute

Choose a power level and place the cherry pillow in the microwave. We recommend you keep an eye on it while it heats. While cherry pillows are designed to be microwave-resistant, we like to stay on the safe side!

Important: do not leave the cherry pillow in the microwave for more than 2,5 minutes and do not reheat the pillow before the cherry pits are cold again.

cherry pillow heated in microwave

4. Take the cherry pillow out and gently shake it

As you take the cherry pillow out of the microwave, the fabric may not feel hot. This is because the cherry pits absorbed all the heat from the inside.

Gently move the cherry pits around by shaking the pillow: you’ll soon realise the pits are very hot and the fabric too!

5. Check your cherry pillow is not too hot before use

Exercise caution before use, especially if you’re planning on using the cherry pillow for children or individuals with sensitive skin.

If the cherry pillow is too hot, wrap an extra layer of cloth or towel around it or let it cool down for a few minutes.

cherry pit pillow placed on knee

6. Enjoy using your cherry pillow!

Once you’re done with all the steps above, you’re good to go! Sit back and enjoy a nice relaxing moment with your cherry pillow and its many benefits.

Place it on your neck, your belly, your legs or behind your back: suit yourself and enjoy the warmth and cosiness!

Hot water bottles as an alternative

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to keeping warm alleviating aches, period pains, and muscle pains. Check out our article on the benefits of hot water bottles, which may be a better fit for you.

We hope this article helped, see you soon!

hot water bottle and cherry pit pillow


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