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Cherry Pit Heating Pad in The Microwave: How Long?

It’s winter, and you’re probably looking forward to getting home from work: time to have a nice warm meal, put your feet up and relax.

Some of us like involving warm little friends in that programme: cherry pit heating pads, also known as cherry pillows.

But how long will it take to heat your cherry pit heating pad? Let's find out!

hot cherry pillow microwave

How long it takes to heat a cherry pit heating pad in the microwave?

For most cherry pit heating pads, it takes about 2,5 minutes to get them hot and ready for use if you set your microwave to 700W. If you want to accelerate the heating process of your cherry pit heating pad, set the microwave to 1000W and let your cherry pillow heat for 1 minute maximum.

This above applies to most cherry-pit heating pads. That being said, we recommend you always refer to the instructions with your item to ensure you are heating it safely.

Below is a table indicating how much heating time is needed per microwave Wattage (these are subject to change depending on the brand and quality of your cherry pit heating pad):

Microwave power

Maximum heating time


2,5 minutes


2 minutes


1,5 minutes


1 minute

cherry pillow in microwave

How long it takes to heat a cherry pit heating pad in the oven?

If you don’t own a microwave, heating your cherry pit heating pad in the oven is also an option! Again, we recommend you read the product manual to know exactly how long your item should be in the oven, and at which temperature.

Disclaimer: some cherry pit heating pads are not designed to be heated in the oven: double-check this!

Our cherry pillow, in the picture below, gets hot after 5 minutes in a preheated oven at 110 degrees Celsius (230 degrees Fahrenheit).

Make sure you place your cherry pit heating pad in a clean and oven-proof baking dish to prevent it from getting stained or catching fire.

cherry pillow in baking platter

Microwave vs. oven: which is best to heat a cherry heating pad?

In our opinion, a microwave is far more practical and efficient than an oven to heat a cherry pit heating pad. The main reason for this is it’s much faster and doesn’t require pre-heating.

In addition, using a microwave to heat your cherry pillow is less costly and can help you save energy.

Final thoughts

Cherry pit heating pads can be heated in a microwave within a couple of minutes. This makes them very practical, especially if you immediately need a source of warmth to soothe muscle pain or simply warm your bed before going to sleep.

Open your microwave, pop it in, heat it, take it out, shake it, sit back and enjoy!

PS: we recommend you also consider hot water bottles as a means to keep warm, check out our article on the benefits of hot water bottles.

cherry pillow on chair


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