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Can a Hot Water Bag Burn Belly Fat?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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Currently, there is no sufficient scientific evidence supporting the theory that hot water bags can burn belly fat. In fact, there is no scientific evidence supporting other heat treatments as means to burn belly fat or lose weight, according to obesity medicine and nutrition doctor Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH.

Why can’t a hot water bag burn belly fat?

To burn fat, you need a calorie deficit. This means that you need to spend more energy (i.e., use more calories) than you take in (i.e., eat). Any movement such as walking, running or sports helps you burn calories. This has been scientifically proven over the years and is well documented.

However, using a hot water bottle on your stomach has not been proven to accelerate fat and weight loss. In other words, you may be losing time if you think you’ll lose weight by sitting on the couch with a hot water bag on your stomach.

In sum, you will burn belly fat faster with a healthy diet and lots of physical exercises rather than using a hot water bag.

We’re not nutritionists, so we’ll leave it there and recommend you ask your doctor, health professional or sports coach about the best ways to lose weight and burn fat.

Hot water bag belly fat

What a hot water bag can help with

While they won’t help you burn belly fat, hot water bottles may have many other health and practical benefits for you. While they have been historically used to warm beds, especially in the winter, hot water bags have become helpful accessories to many people, serving different purposes.

Indeed, while some use hot water bags for their primary function - to keep them warm - others use hot water bottles to help ease pain in their necks, lower back, or muscles in general. Other individuals like hot water bags as warm companions who help them get through rough and sad days.

Finally, some of us like to use hot water bags as an alternative way to keep warm and a substitute for turning the heating up in the winter. Hot water bottles may help save on energy costs, at least for a few hours every day. Read our article about how to keep your hot water bottle warm as long as possible.

4 benefits of using hot water bags

Two hot water bags on bed

1. They keep you warm

This is the primary purpose of hot water bags: keeping you warm. The sales of hot water bags have increased at the time of writing, notably due to rising energy costs.

Hot water bags can be used in a number of situations to keep you warm, whether you’re driving, working, sleeping, or even camping. Read our article presenting instances in which you can use a hot water bottle to keep you warm.

2. They alleviate aches and pains

Hot water bags are also used to help reduce aches and pains in your muscles. They are great post-workout companions and can also be filled with water and ice cubes if you have a nasty fall and need to reduce inflammation.

Pregnant women can also use hot water bottles to alleviate lower back pain, which typically occurs in the later stages of pregnancy.

Neck pain

3. They help decrease stress and anxiety

It can be reassuring for some stressed and anxious people to have a hot water bag to hug during bad days.

In fact, research shows that increasing your body temperature may help reduce anxiety levels. For some people, the opposite applies, in that case, use a cold-water bag!

4. They help you save on energy bills

A hot water bag is a great winter companion. With energy costs skyrocketing, turning your heating down won’t hurt and buying a hot water bottle may help make up for the slightly colder rooms in your house or apartment.

Why not turn the thermostat down by 1 or 2 degrees and grab a nice hot water bag to watch a film or go to bed? Read about 5 ways to save energy using a hot water bottle.

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